Serpent Girl Face and Body Art Tutorial

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TAOISM | 5 Life Lessons From Lao Tzu

Can you celebrate life and not cling to it? Can you give up control and still get things done? Can you achieve your goals without forcing?

These are all themes we find in the ancient Taoist key work called the Tao Te Ching, which was written by a mysterious sage named Lao Tzu. There isn’t much known about this character of Chinese antiquity, and some historians even doubt that he truly existed. But whoever wrote the Tao Te Ching has inspired millions of people to see the world in a different light.

Taoism deeply respects the passive, receptive part of existence, which is generally undervalued. By becoming aware of the strength of, what the Taoists call, the ‘feminine’ or the ‘yin’-aspects of life, we’ll see that effort and force aren’t always the best tools in the toolbox for getting things done.

In a previous video, The Philosophy of Flow, I expand upon the so-called ‘flow state’, known as the soft power of ‘wu wei’ or ‘effortless-action’, also described as being ‘in the zone’ when participating in certain activities like sports and painting.

This video, however, explores how the wisdom of Lao Tzu can help us go with the flow in a more general sense. How can we let go, and let ourselves be carried along with the river of life? How can we live more effortlessly, with less stress and anxiety? How can we live a rich life and enjoy it to the fullest, with minimal interference of the natural course?

The following five lessons based on the writings of Lao Tzu might inspire you to live life in an entirely different way. Here are 5 life lessons from Lao Tzu.

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Tai Chi footage (1):
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Skull painting (2):
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Tao Te Ching:
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00:00 0) Intro
01:48 1) Don’t force anything
03:50 2) Don’t overburden yourself
06:39 3) Stop controlling the world
08:26 4) Enough is enough
10:29 5) Don’t cling to life


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Free and fun ART lesson: How to paint birds using WATERCOLOURS #art #artteacher #artforkids

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How to PAINT a bird using technical painting skills with watercolours. This activity is suitable for any adults or kids over the age of 10. This can be a tricky lesson and I suggest practicing with some basic watercolour lessons prior to undertaking this task.
Mrs B uses her favourite tray of watercolours which can all be purchased from Zart Art here:
– Micador set:
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This lesson can be used by adults, teachers or kids as an easy and effective drawing activity. Fantastic skills are developed for kids and teens for this activity. Easy painting strategies are shown and a simple, yet effective artwork is created.
In this video, Mrs. B, an Australian art teacher and artist, shows you step-by-step how to use watercolours and goes through easy techniques for beginners. This video will help you to create beautiful artwork at home and teach you everything you need to know.
Artlife YouTube Channel provides weekly lessons and in the future will cover wtaercolour techniques and how to draw Peppa Pig and Bluey! This is a great art hub for kids and adults. And the result is oddly satisying!

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Watch these video for more fun art lessons from artlife.
Watercolour –
Colour wheel –
Monet art –
Finger painting fun –

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Ellen’s Helping Out with Homework!

Is there anything she can’t do? Ellen offered to help her viewers with their homework. This is how it turned out!

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Alice Roberts – Anatomical Body Painting – Science for Schools

Dr Alice Roberts with a novel and beautiful way of demonstrating anatomy. Here she shows how the biceps and triceps muscles work together. Filmed at the Times Cheltenham Science Festival.
More courses and resources at

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LINEWORK Tutorial Part1: Face Painting for Fun – Beginners Series

Face Painting for Fun, Episode 4
Beginners Series.

Hosted By Julie Tattam (from Skincognito Bodypainting)
On behalf of Global Colours Body Art.
Julie Tattam:
Global Colours:

The fourth episode in our new series, Face Painting for Fun! This series will contain step by step tutorials, product reviews, special effects makeup demonstrations, body art tips and tricks, and much more!

All products used are by Global Colours Body Art.
In this episode I used:
Global Colours Face Paints: Strong Black
Global Colours Acrylic Brushes: Round Brush #4

Music Credits:
The songs used on this video are all royalty free creative commons audio, sourced from The specifics are:

Aperture: aperture

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How To Paint Tropical Beach Complete Video Acrylic Painting Class Demonstration

How to paint a tropical beach and translucent ocean water using acrylics on canvas 20 x 24 inches by artist painter Ben S
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The colors used are the following:

Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Titanium white 2 oz or 4.65 oz
Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Mars black 2 oz or 4.65 oz
Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Ivory black 2 oz or 4.65 oz
Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Cobalt blue 2 oz or 4.65 oz
Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Phthalo blue 2 oz or 4.65 oz
Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Ultramarine blue 2 oz or 4.65 oz
Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Raw sienna 2 oz
​Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Dioxazine purple 2 oz
Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Cadmium red medium 2 oz
Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Cadmium orange 2 oz
Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Cadmium yellow medium 2 oz
Liquitex heavy body professional acrylics, Deep magenta 2 oz

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