James May and Jeremy Clarkson show off their tattoos

This is episode 6 of season 17.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May set out for the seaside in a pair of electric cars, the Nissan Leaf and the Peugeot iOn, stopping off in Lincoln along the way. Richard Hammond meets an extraordinary rally team in which everyone is an amputee with a military background. The new Lamborghini Aventador is tested on the track.
Audio and video are owned by BBC(probably).

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ROSE THE BODY PAINTER. artist working on Hot body @ Venice beach

rose the body painter @ Venice beach
ABOUT THE ARTIST: Rose has been doing art all of her life. In all types of media she has experienced it all. From skin, to metal, to fur — no surface is too challenging for Rose! She will tackle just about anything with great success. Making custom clothing for famous bands, or wild costumes to wear out to the Lady GaGa concert she will make your creative visions and fantasies come to life.
Rose has attended many conventions and hands-on classes. She has been taught by the best instructors in the industry such as: The Wolfe Brothers; Mark Reid; Pashur; Jody Carr; Marcela Murad (and the list goes on).
She is always challenging herself to create her most beautiful work yet. With 4 years of art college under her belt Rose knows the value of continuing to learn and expand and to consistently strive for excellence.
CONTACT: ROSE THE BODY PAINTER. Tel: *408.469.9660 | Email: atthetopcreations@gmail.com Website: http://www.atthetopcreations.com

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Temple Body Piercing & Soul Touch Tattoo

A quick tour of Temple Body Piercing & Soul Touch Tattoos new joint location on the south coast of Barbados.
Link up with us any time –
Temple –
facebook.com/templebarbados – templebarbados@gmail.com – 239 4110
Soul Touch –
facebook.com/SoulTouchTattoo – 435 9868

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Ellen’s Helping Out with Homework!

Is there anything she can’t do? Ellen offered to help her viewers with their homework. This is how it turned out!

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Welcome to Salamander!
One of the longest running and best loved shops in Derby
Now open 7 days a week for a wide selection of body jewellery,gift wear,professional body piercing,custom tattoos and professional body piercing training at our Academy.
Drop down and say hello….Salamander.40 sadler gate.derby.de1 3nr
Tel;01332 296 436

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Body painting GMK in the streets

Dne 17. září podnikla skupinka odvážlivců z GMK neobvyklý výtvarný projekt. Chtěli jsme zjistit, jak reagují lidé na neobvykle ustrojené a pomalované studenty a současně jsme chtěli nějak originálně strávit svůj volný čas. Obojí se nám povedlo hezky skloubit, takže všichni po ukončení této akce odjížděli domů s úsměvem na tváři a s barvou za ušima…

Martin Pekárik

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