Guardian of the Woods-The story/Bodypainting

I wish to share with you the story behind my Body Art “Guardian of the Woods” entry for this year`s Irish Bodypainting Championships. My message is simple. Save & protect your Wildlife. Many species have got extinct through the past years. And many more can get lost. The power of humans has gotten a bit out of control. Fires caused in forests by a single match , illegal hunting of animal species for trophys, pollution of water,air,soil, unmanaged fishing ect.
The world surrounding us has so much beauty and its worth protecting. Don’t let them be history. Extinction is not just for now it`s forever!
A behind the scenes video will be coming up shortly, so keep on track!!. Enjoy watching lovelies. And always happy to hear your opinions xx
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Image: Painting by Italia Ruotolo “Kiss of Judas”
Music: The amazing Rick Horrocks “Assasin Creed III Fanmade Soundtrack –
Ossuary 1- A beginning –
Items used are Licensed under creative commons attribution 3.0, 4.0 licence

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Easy Halloween Tiger Makeup Tutorial Face & Body Paint

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! In this video today i created a realistic looking tiger face and body paint with a touch of blood for all my gore fans! I hope you enjoy and recreate this look.


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This Tiger Body Painting Art is Amazing!!! [ NEW ] 2020 Viral Video

Here is the Great Performance by Artists to Demonstrate a body painting of a Tiger by Ladies in India .Very Attractive & Beautiful.

Hello there my Friends! From Today’s Report I have brought you some great Footage from All Around the World! Hope you like it. 🙂

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Tiger Makeup Tutorial – #Face & Body Painting

Wenn euch das Video gefallen hat, lasst mir doch ein Däumchen nach oben da:)

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NFL Bengal Tiger Body Paint with

NFL sports caster Brian Unger made up to look like the Cincinnati Begal Tiger (football team). This episode was released on Gameday Satisfaction. Here is a link to the episode so you can see the tiger make up in action.

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Tiger Body Painting Shoot

Here is a behind the scene video of a photo shoot from Gray Door Studio. We were working with an amazing body painter Cait from Gray Door Studio is Located in Union City NJ. You can see more of our work on our page

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