Step-by-Step how to face paint a unicorn design using Derivan Face and body paints tutorial

This is a step by step tutorial on an easy how-to apply a unicorn design with Derivan face paint. This is a really easy design to paint for Halloween, book week or any party!. To find where you can get everything you need click here:

how to do a unicorn face paint design
you will need some derivan face and body
white fluoro blue blue red
you will also need a derailment brush set
and some spouses first thing you want to
do is lay down the shape of the design
in white see how cat is putting in the
unicorn horn shape just there
now it’s time to start doing some detail is
cat putting the first bit of the shape
of the unicorn horn
she’s filled it in with the fluoro blue
now she’s putting some highlights with
the white it’s time to get the rest of the design
in so we’re putting
some ears in and we’re getting some
detail around the eyes
using the fluoro blue
still using the fluoro blue we’re
putting some more detail
into the design to give it a lot more interest
filling in these with a pink that’s been
mixed with the red and the white
put some pretty eyelashes in with the blue
and start putting a bit more detail in
with that blue as well
it really makes the design pop
keep using that blue to get a bit more detail
here the pink of the ears and then we have it
a beautiful little unicorn

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