Commercial, Branding Bodypainting for a Piano House & Yamaha

This is a fast commission, commercial logo branding bodypainting for Klavierhaus Langer (a piano house), and Yamaha.
Bodypainting & video: Bella Volen
A side event of the World Bodypainting Festival Covid Edition 2020
Location: Klagenfurt, Austria, 10.July 2020
Model: Melanie

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Kali Goddess inspired bodypainting, make-up by Lana Chromium

Kali Goddess inspired bodypainting, make-up by Lana Chromium

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Bodypainting, creative make-up: Art by Skin Wars season 2 winner, competed & published artist & bodypainter Lana Chromium
San Diego – Los Angeles – CA
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Description of make up & bodypaint supplies I used for this shoot here in my art blog:

Used Royal and Langnickel LANA CHROMIUM SIGNATURE BRUSH SET for bodypainting.
You can find this 6 pieces set here:

Art supplies for bodypainting for sale on my website:

Bodypainting & Fine Art by Lana Chromium – All rights reserved

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The Home of Bodypainting, thoughts of Bella Volen

Thoughts about the World Bodypainting Festival by Bodypainting Fine Art Artist Bella Volen.
Bella is part of the festival family since 13 years. She participated in the competition, was in the jury and creates programs, exhibitions and many other activities within the festial.

See you back HOME!

#wbf20years – celebrate with us the festival that grew the modern bodypainting art movement.

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Symbiodies – performance at the World Bodypainting Festival

Italian choreographer and awarded artist Elena Tagliapietra presents “Symbiodies”, an art performance and exhibition opening in the Museum of Modern Art Carinthia, Klagenfurt, Austria

#wbfestival2018 #wbf2018 #bodypainting

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2016 – 04 3° Fabene Bodypainting Contest – Laura Siccardi J Murali

Painter Artista: Emanuele Borello
Modella Laura Siccardi J Murali
Tema : ” arti e mestieri”

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La mia Attrezzatura / My Gadgets

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On Set Bodypainting Swimsuit 2020

On Set Bodypainting Swimsuit 2020
On Set Bodypainting Swimsuit 2020

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Miguel Angel’s Presentation – Final Day – World Bodypainting Festival 2014

Miguel Angel’s bodypaint presentation on the final day at WBF 2014
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Slow Motion @ the World Bodypainting Festival 2014 #2

This year we are determined to capture the art of Bodypainting in the highest quality available. There is so much more to the art than what stills photography alone can capture. The movement, energy and style of each performer brings the art to life and nothing captures that better than super slow motion. Shot on a Sony FS700 at 200 FPS it’s clear bodypainting was meant to be shot in slow-mo!

We will be releasing more short films over the year with some of the best artworks from the World Bodypainting Festival 2014.

Artist WB Instructor Yiulia Vlasova, Russia.

Visit for her classes in Russia

Model Vitalia Abramova, Russia

Shot and cut Joshua D Lim | WB Production


Mich – Blue Flame [FREE DOWNLOAD] by »Mich« is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

The fusion of bodies and beats.

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The Home of Bodypainting, thoughts of Johannes Stoetter

Thoughts about World Champion and Bodypainting icon Johannes Stoetter who became world famous for his annimal illusions, his complex ideas and is simply a humble and wonderful person.

#wbf20years – celebrate with us the festival that grew the modern bodypainting art movement.

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