Welcome to the basics brush tutorial!

Learn how to use your brushes!!

Below are some recommendations based on my experience with painting. If you click on the links it’ll take you right to the product on Amazon where you can get more details.

B & J The Masters Cleaner and Preserver


Princeton Velvet Touch 5 brushes great to start with


Princeton Velvet Touch 4 brush set

Royal and Langnickel Majestic Short Handle Paint Brush Set

This is the brush sets used during the tutorial. It’s a nice almost perfect variety of brushes.

Here’s the mop brush I used. You don’t need a mop brush but it helps for blending and covering large areas quickly among other things.

Here are a few other good choices for brush sets. These aren’t as complete as the two above.

Another really good one but these are longer handle brushes especially good for painting on an easel from a distance.

Here’s a set with a smaller variety of brushes but these are the basics. These will get you through most of the paint sessions we do. These are especially suited for the smaller paintings we do and are good for the kids’ sessions.

Here are some mixed media paper pads that I recommend. You can use these to paint on instead of canvases to save on space. You can also use these to practice on technique. Maybe save the canvases for your special paintings. Anyway, these are a good cost effective alternatives to canvases. They come in different sizes. Check out these links:

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