Banksy art burnt and destroyed in 'money-making stunt'

Banksy art burnt and destroyed in ‘money-making stunt’

The original print was set alight in a livestreamed video.

You Sea Us: Ludovic Nkoth @ Luce Gallery, Turin

In Turin, through April 5, 2021, Luce Gallery is proud to present You Sea Us, Ludovic Nkoth’s first European solo show with the gallery.  In the artist’s native land – Cameroon – water is not only the symbol of life and rebirth, but it also represents how cou…

Repetitive, Mandala-Like Paintings by Yuri Shimojo Remembers the Victims of March 11

“Sakura 桜” implies Nirvana Soon after the tsunami receded on March 11, 2011, leaving thousands dead and without homes, cherry trees began blossoming amid the debris. Sakura petals began to fall on the ravaged land and the striking sight inspired artist Yuri S…

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