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Bodyart by San Diego bodypainter & makeup artist Lana Chromium.
I’m so glad to share with you pink & silver bodypainting I did on Masha (her instagram @mashaposes) This is sneak peek video with my bodyart application process. This video is presented for educational and artistic purposes only.
Bodypainting is a popular form of artistic expression both for the model and the artist and can frequently be seen at outdoor events such as Comic-con in San Diego and Fantasy Fest festival in Key West.
Bodypainting is a unique art form with many tricks and techniques.
Want to learn how to bodypaint? Then you are in luck cause this summer I have online classes teaching body painting skills. I have group and one-on one classes. More info below.

Discover what paints & brushes to use for bodypainting.
How to paint faster, how to make bodyart last longer & more. To sign up visit www . LanaChromium . com

And also published full ‘Body painting Course or Beginners’ on Udemy:

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Artist: Lana Chromium is Bodypainter & Special FX Makeup Artist. San Diego – Los Angeles CA

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