SumBodyArt’s UV BodyPainting Performance Showreel ( BodyPainting in Australia, Europe & Beyond)

SumBodyArt’s UV BodyPainting Performance Showreel (SumBodyArt’s BodyPainting in Australia, Europe & Beyond)

This video is only a highlight of some of the UV BodyPainting Performances that I have created around Europe. From the first UV BodyPainting at Wolf Reicherter’s Workshop and being WolfsBodyMagic’s assistant for our UV Pop Art BodyPainting for WBF 2014. To my UV Bodypainting Performances with my models around the world for SumBodyArt’s Home Exhibition from 2015-2017, to SumBodyArt’s Fashion Express and lastly to SumBodyArt’s Utopia project for WBF 2017; which got us 6th on the world with our UV BodyPainting Acroyoga Performance.

Thanks to all the artists and models that have worked with me over the last 8 years in Australia and around Europe. BodyPainting has brought me many great friends from around the world, I have found love, inspirations and healing though my Bodypainting as an Artist and Model. It is time for me to share my story back home in Australia. 🙂

I am feeling happy to announce that Sum Body Art, I will not only be having my home coming in Australia. But I will also be an instructor for the Australian Body Art Awards and Conventions from 20th-21st March in Melbourne. I will be sharing my story for BodyPainting in Australia, Europe and Beyond as a BodyPainter and Model. In addition, I will also be creating a UV Bodypainting Demo with Performance SumBodyArt Style for Day 1and a Creative Camouflage for Day 2.

The whole event will be from 19th-23rd March featuring 25 awesome Local and Internatonal Instructors, each teaching 2 x 90 min classes. Dutch Arron Bihary, Nancy Wu, Arjhay De Leon Jr., Maria Mormile Abaa, Wendy Fantasia Artist, Dale Proposch just to name a few. It will be lots of fun and a colourful event, and must do for Art Lovers!

So come and say hi, and we love to see you all there Melbourne!

You can check out more info and get your tickets with the link below:

🙂 Thanks
Wing Sum Diana Chan @Sum Body Art

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