Special FX Zombie Airbrush Makeup tutorial | ProAiir Halloween Review

My official review of Airbrush zombie series body paint stencils https://goo.gl/4jYZxk and makeup by #Proaiir #Makeup and body Paints https://goo.gl/SJgXH4 . I am a professional airbrush artist and body painter that freelancer for major music videos in Hollywood for Hollywood records and Simiandesign.la
So this is what i use when I airbrush major gigs, shows and projects. This makeup is long lasting and perfect for fright nights, haunted houses, theater shows and even cosplay costumes and comic con conventions. this hybrid color is Vegan and not tested on animals.
-Zombie series 1 makeup colors comes in: road rash, rotten flesh, head stone, walking dead and warm flesh
-Zombie series 2 makeup colors: Pale Dead, blood red, scab, pus, vein, and dirt colors.
-Zombie Series 3 makeup colors: Bone, corpse, vascular, ice, Bruise, old blood.
Proaiir makeup goes on smooth and dry, soft to touch, wont smudge or smear and lasts all night! Proaiir is created by an artist for artists. this makeup is perfect for Halloween costume colors and Haunt nights.
I airbrushed this with an #Iwata HP-CH Airbrush. I love using Iwata because iwata airbrushes are consistent and high performance for many details and detailing makeup. I love doing special effects makeup, creepy horror fx makeup for Halloween in October. Im a horror fan and I watch alot of horror movies for Halloween holiday.
I even added the blood and gore to the makeup lesson. So if you want to learn special effects makeup and learn how to airbrush horror and gore then checkout and subscribe to my Youtube channel.
I also used liquid latex to build the mouth of the zombie.

makeup at: https://goo.gl/SJgXH4
stencils at: Mindlesspaint.com

music by: IT (Pennywise type beat) by iMr. B is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Song : Insomnia- Pro beats
model: https://www.instagram.com/deannadiamondaffeld/

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Airbrush Makeup tutorial

Step by step instruction how to create this Fantasy Airbrush Makeup, Makeup tutorials as well as Bodypaint instructional videos will be coming each week. Thanks for visiting my channel and I hope you enjoy the video. I created these videos some time ago and thought I would share them with you. www.thehumancanvas.com

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Patreon Subscription – Interative Online Airbrush Art Lessons

This is my airbrush lesson and course that I’m starting on Patreon. To Help airbrush artist Learn and get better at painting and business. I am a full time professional airbrush artist and I want to teach others the skills, tips, and tricks of the trade at airbrushing. To help improve your airbrush skills and artwork. Every subscription comes with custom cut stencils so you can airbrush and learn along side of me and you can also recommend your own airbrush courses and tutorials for learning. I will Show you how to airbrush on automotive and steel panels, on airbrush t shirts, airbrushing on hats. airbrushing on canvas, and even body paint and body art makeup airbrushing.
Airbrushes used:
(For Detail) Iwata Eclipse HP CS: https://goo.gl/XLe8gJ
(For Colors) Iwata Eclipse HP BCS : https://goo.gl/GVdwoR
hose: https://goo.gl/7fMnKA

Paints used:
Wicked Colors: https://goo.gl/PuXXNN
Reducer: https://goo.gl/vejECQ

Compressor Used:
Silent Compressor: https://goo.gl/g5MmHL
SHOP: and support my channel and art lessons

PATREON: Let me help you learn to airbrush, paint, and draw!


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Cosplay Bodypainting in Los Angeles – Airbrush Waterproof Makeup Bodyart for Underwater Photoshoot

Woohoo! ❤️ BODYPAINT MARKER / WATERPROOF PEN, SAFE FOR SKIN:https://www.lanachromium.com/bodypaintmarker/

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Thank You for watching my bodypainting video!
This satisfying art video from underwater photoshoot happened in Los Angeles.
Check out before and after this super villain makeup cosplay look is complete.
I airbrushed neck, mask, and shoulder ornament details to complete this amazing cosplay costume for underwater photos. This bodypainting is completely waterproof and can stay on skin underwater in the pool or in the ocean.
The final picture at the end of this video is shot by Brett Stanley. he is amazing underwater photographer with who I’m happy to work over and over. We did together Mermaid Day Workshop – All day bodypainting mermaids & airbrushing scales and gills. This time we created dark look with Halloween vibe. Look at this amazing pose for an underwater photo. it is really a dream come true when you have a whole team working on set.
Discover what paints & brushes to use for bodypainting.
How to paint faster, how to make bodyart last longer & more.

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▲BECOME MY ART PATRON ON PATREON: www.patreon.com/lanachromium
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And also published full ‘Bodypainting Course or Beginners’ on Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/share/1036wK/
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ABOUT LANA CHROMIUM: Lana Chromium is Bodypaint Artist, Fine Art Artist, Skin Wars Season 2 TV show winner. Competed & published bodypainter. San Diego – Los Angeles CA

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