How to paint a fade with spray cans

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In this video I demonstrate the process for painting a fade from one colour to the next with spray cans. I use four different colours for this tutorial to create a fade from blue to yellow.
The trick to this technique is understanding how the angle of the spray can effects how it sprays. A little bit of practice will go a long way to helping you understand and master this custom painting technique.
As always, if you’re doing a custom paint job on something important you should know that spray cans are really not the best option. In almost every circumstance, spray guns and airbrushes allow you to achieve a better result. This kind of paint job is no different. A much better fade can be achieved with the proper equipment, as well as with the use of more transparent paints.

Intro music by Youtubers Sovereign King and Owen McKinley.
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How to Touch Up Paint on Your Car

Touch up paint. How to touch up paint on your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to use air brush on a car. How to fix and repair paint on your car. All you need is a small air brush kit and some patience to touch up car paint. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

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⬇️Things I used in this video:
1. Airbrush Paint Kit:
2. Paint Reducer:
3. Clear Coat Aerosol:
4. Sand paper:
5. Tack Cloth:
6. Disposable Gloves:
7. Common Sense
8. 4k Camera:
9. Mini Microphone:
10. My computer for editing / uploading:
11. Video editing software:
12. Thumbnail software:

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Airbrushing for Cosplay Tutorial!

Adding a vid to my 100% free Patreon
If you’re interested in commissioning a costume or gown, send me a message at­y

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Bodypaint festival American girl on the streets of the city Body Painting 2

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Special FX Zombie Airbrush Makeup tutorial | ProAiir Halloween Review

My official review of Airbrush zombie series body paint stencils and makeup by #Proaiir #Makeup and body Paints . I am a professional airbrush artist and body painter that freelancer for major music videos in Hollywood for Hollywood records and
So this is what i use when I airbrush major gigs, shows and projects. This makeup is long lasting and perfect for fright nights, haunted houses, theater shows and even cosplay costumes and comic con conventions. this hybrid color is Vegan and not tested on animals.
-Zombie series 1 makeup colors comes in: road rash, rotten flesh, head stone, walking dead and warm flesh
-Zombie series 2 makeup colors: Pale Dead, blood red, scab, pus, vein, and dirt colors.
-Zombie Series 3 makeup colors: Bone, corpse, vascular, ice, Bruise, old blood.
Proaiir makeup goes on smooth and dry, soft to touch, wont smudge or smear and lasts all night! Proaiir is created by an artist for artists. this makeup is perfect for Halloween costume colors and Haunt nights.
I airbrushed this with an #Iwata HP-CH Airbrush. I love using Iwata because iwata airbrushes are consistent and high performance for many details and detailing makeup. I love doing special effects makeup, creepy horror fx makeup for Halloween in October. Im a horror fan and I watch alot of horror movies for Halloween holiday.
I even added the blood and gore to the makeup lesson. So if you want to learn special effects makeup and learn how to airbrush horror and gore then checkout and subscribe to my Youtube channel.
I also used liquid latex to build the mouth of the zombie.

makeup at:
stencils at:

music by: IT (Pennywise type beat) by iMr. B is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Song : Insomnia- Pro beats

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Serpent Girl Face and Body Art Tutorial

find me on social media: @amypumpkin13

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UV Body Painting – “Waterfall on Two”

A black-light body painting time-lapse by John Poppleton. In this episode, I’ll be painting a waterfall on the backs of two ladies. It was going to be painted on three but one of the models had an emergency come up at the last minute.


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Fluorescent body paints by:,

Airbrush by: Iwata


Music: “Clean Break” by Density & Time
Music provided by: YouTube audio library

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ProAiir Airbrush Face Painting with StencilEyes: Symba and Raptor

Airbrush Face Painting with StencilEyes and ProAiir!
Learn how to apply two designs!
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Order Raptor Here:

Order Symba Wroo Here:

ProAiir Hybrid Makeup:

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How to Paint Muscles in Manga Studio 5 EX – Digital Painting Tutorial – Narrated

Get my Course on Digital Painting in CSP here –
In this video I show you step by step of how I use Manga Studio 5 EX to create some of my digital painting work. This tutorial will show you how to paint in a quick and easy fashion with this very powerful program. I use a muscular arm as my subject matter because we all need to draw bulging biceps to create our well defined super hero characters. I hope you find this video helpful and informative. If you do then please like and share it so that I can keep dedicating time to this channel. I enjoy helping other artist learn and it gives me the motivation to keep learning as well!

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