How to Bodypaint INSANE Special FX Makeup Cyborg Body Art

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I will go step by step on how to Bodypaint a cyborg on anyone! Please like this video and subscribe to my channel and my other art channel at DROSOL.



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Game of Thrones Season 8 Makeup and Bodypaint Tutorial (timelapse)

Welcome to my 👑 Game of Thrones Makeup and Bodypaint ⚔

For this look I wanted the person who sits on the throne to look blurry… So bets are open! Who do you think, will sit on the iron throne?!! 😱

Are you a big fan of GOT too? I watched all of the seasons all over again one month ago and it got me really excited about the new season… So much that I have the intro song stuck in my head every other day =D (the other days is the Zelda theme song lol). If you haven’t rewatched GOT you should, honestly, the second time is even better ! 😉

Thanks for being here, your support means the world to me ! =)

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Skin prep
– Pai Skin Care Rosehip BioGenerate Oil (I’m so in love with the smell omg)

– L’Oréal Glam Nude CC Cream ; FIT Me! Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation, Warm Nude ; ‘La Vie En Glow’ Highlighting Powder Palette : Le Kajal, Black
– Yves Rocher Pure Light Moisturizing Nude Foundation
– Shiseido Perfect Stick Concealer, Natural Light
– Maybelline MasterFix Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder ; ‘Curvitude’ Eyeliner, black
– Elizabeth Mott 6 Color Contouring Palette
– Angelik Iffennecker Le Sourcil, Eyebrow Pencil, Waterproof
– Beauty Success Nude Attitude Eyeshadow Palettes : Choco Nude and Rose Nude
– Nyx Cosmetics Color Correcting Palette
– Arison amazing false eyelashes
– Labello Cherry Shine Lip Balm

– Mehron Paradise paints
– Snazaroo Water-activated paints
– Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Brushes, sponges & beauty blenders

– Beauty Blender :
– Morphe 18 PIECE VEGAN Variety Makup BRUSH SET (Set 686) :
– Nicpro Detail Paint Brush Set,7 PCS :
– Elixir Beauty 16 Sponges Non-Latex Oil Resistant for All Skin Types by Cala :

Setting spray

– NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray, Dewy Finish/Long Lasting :

** GLAM UP ** Contact Lenses, False Lashes, Glitter
– : Use discount code ‘sarahmagicmakeup’


** MUSIC **
– Heaven and Hell by Jeremy Blake

** FAQ **

“How did you build your website?”
– I learned everything at Wealthy Affiliate (more info here

“What camera do you use to film and take your pictures?”
– I use a Canon EOS 750 D (more info here

“What computer do you use?
– I use a Imac 27 inches (more info here

“What light settings do you use?”
– I’m really not an expert at this but I use a LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light (more info here

“What softwares do you use to edit your pictures/videos?”
– Video : Final Cut Pro X ; Motion
– Photo : Krita

“How long do your makeups take?”
– It really depends… but at most 12h and most of the time 6h

” Where did you learn to do makeup and paint ? ”
– I’m self-taught and only started doing makeups and bodypainting in 2016. I now also do digital art and sell posters, clothes, mugs and other stuff on various websites »

Disclaimer : all the above links are affiliate links so yeah I do get a small percentage if you go on and buy something. Thank you in advance if you do but please note that there is no obligation to purchase anything and that I’m not responsible should you be disappointed with a product that I personally use and like ^^

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Soccer Ball 101 ~ Face Painting tutorial

Soccer ball 101. How to paint easy and fast soccer balls for festivals and parties.

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Unicorn –
Dragon –
Snake –
Dragon Pixie –
Bam stencil set –
Black Face Paint -
White Face Paint –

Get my directors chair 👉 🎬 🎥

Want to try StarBlends? 👇I recommend these to start 🎨
Black StarBlends -
Red StarBlends –
White StarBlends –
Yellow StarBlends –
Orange StarBlends –

Equipment used to film this video below👇
🎬Video Camera used 🎥
💡Ring lights (I use two)💡

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Waterproof Bodypaint Marker for Bodyart on Skin by Lana Chromium

You can order here:


Do you love to paint on skin as we do? Well, get excited! You will be holding in your hands a bodypaint marker created by bodyartist, Lana Chromium, filled with water resistent bodypaint. We hope this marker becomes your ultimate tool for body detailing. It is perfect for body paint or temporary tattoos, and are safe for the skin. They make the application process by keeping your makeup supply and lines consistent with fluid strokes.



LONG LASTING: Body painting will last 2-3 day with proper care (see instructions).

Tip Size: 2mm Bullet

Shake well (1 min) before painting. Put top on as needed to keep from drying.


Each marker includes instruction how to use & remove.

Hope this body-pen will make body painting much easier and will help you to bring any of your make-up or bodyart ideas to reality.


Art by Lana Chromium

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Products used for bodypainting:






Nipple and Bottom Covers for Body Painting


Bodypaint Marker for Bodyart


▲Artist WEBSITE:

▲Online bodypainting and fine art classes (watercolors, oils, acrylics, inks):



▲ Prints & Originals:








▲SNAPCHAT : @dreamandpaint



▲ CONTACT: email to


Lana Chromium is Bodypaint Artist, Fine Art Artist, Skin Wars Season 2 TV show winner.
Competed & published bodypainter. San Diego – Los Angeles CA

Contact email for press & inquires:

Popular videos:
Working with Tim Tadder:

Working for “The Shape of The Water” movie:

Bodyart videos: Acrobat Doll & the Cube, watch video:
“Wild Flowers” animation, watch video:
Master class at IMATS NY, watch video:

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The Wolf – Fine Art Bodypainting by Johannes Stötter

More Illusions:

Fine Art Bodypainting | Johannes Stötter:

video by Daniel Stötter

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

A short Interview with the Artist:

How difficult was it compared to your other works? Do you think it is your best yet?

It was definitely more difficult than my other works, it was difficult to find the perfect position and it was quite hard for the models to hold the positions, from time to time they needed a break. Also it was difficult because the wolf is a mammalian and it has a coat, which is much more difficult to paint and to make seem realistic than for example the skin of an amphibian or a reptil.

The painting was one of my longest as well. From the beginning to the final photo I spend 8 hours in my studio. In the middle we spent at least 1 hour to correct the position again and again, the pure painting time was about 6 hours.

The first sketch took me just a few minutes, but it took 4 hours to check out the position with the models before the actual painting, it was my longest position test ever.

It is hard to say if the wolf is my best yet, but I am sure it is not less spectacular than my other animal illusions. Besides a wolf is an animal which generally attracts a lot of people.

How did you make the background of this work?

The background is painted with acrylic color on cardboard, partly with brushes, partly with spray cans. It hangs on the wall and continues on the ground.

What has the feedback from people been?

Actually many of the peolple who already saw the wolf say that it is my best work. Generally everybody likes it. People are fascinated and they say that it is even more difficult to find the people than in my other works. Recently I showed the wolf in public for the 1st time at my exhibition in Switzerland and it emerged as “the star” of the exhibition.

How do you make your animals so realistic?

I draw and paint since my early childhood and animals always belonged to my main motives and main themes. I always loved animals and apart from painting them I watched out for them in the nature, observed them well, studied them in books and photographed them. I am sure that all this helped me to develop my feeling and knowledge about animals. A deep knowledge and understanding about animals is one of many necessary aspects for the ability to create bodypainting works like this.

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HUMAN BRAID bodypainting illusion

In my language ,Kika means braid

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Official site ►

Edit by Stojan Mihajlov…

Photo by Tamara Gavrilovic…
Instagram @zoe_apash

For business cooperation or any questions you can contact me at

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Airbrush Makeup tutorial

Step by step instruction how to create this Fantasy Airbrush Makeup, Makeup tutorials as well as Bodypaint instructional videos will be coming each week. Thanks for visiting my channel and I hope you enjoy the video. I created these videos some time ago and thought I would share them with you.

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Bodypainting Basics Workshop London with WB Academy

For bookings:

1ST WEEKEND: 11/12 APRIL 2015

This Workshop is geared to beginners that want to get into bodypainting and people who want to intensify and refine their basic skills with in depth knowledge and take it to an intermediate Level.

Day 1: 11th April 2015

The basic theory behind bodypainting
First things first, Model Care/ Wear
Directing your Model
basic Do´s and Don´ts in bodypainting
Basic health & safety in bodypainting
Bodypaints, types, brands, uses
Different brushes, their purposes, use and care
Cosmetic adhesives, types, brands, uses
What should be in your kit, always
Demonstration bodypainting
Review, Q&A
To bring:

Bring your basic brush kit and basic bodypainting colours if possible
Give us a shout if you need some in case
group london

Day 2: 12th April 2015

Review of day one, hands on bodypainting

Contact lenses, tips and tricks
Base coats, different techniques
Brush work, Lines and Blends
Double loaded brush and split cakes
Basic cuts, wounds and boils
Metallic paints and airbrush-like effects
Introduction airbrush
Basic Lines, Stencils and texturing.
Review, Q&A
To bring:

1 Model per 2 students will work fine
Bring your basic brush kit and basic bodypainting colours if possible
Costs: £ 499 / ~ € 639 including material, snacks and refreshments, certificate from the WBA, the “World Bodypainting Association”

If you have questions or problems with booking, or you want to pay only 50% in advance, please send us an email to office(a)

Powered by Diamond FX

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European Bodypainting Festival, Lisse/Amsterdam NETHERLANDS

From the 13th to the 14th of August 2016 the European Bodypainting Festival sponsored by MAKE UP FOR EVER is taking place in front of the magical Castle Keukenhof in Lisse near Amsterdam.

Imagine a beautiful castle in the center of an enchanted park, surrounded by florals and trees creating romantic pathways bursting with a magical atmosphere of color.

The EBF is the partner event of the World Bodypainting Festival, that takes place since 1998 in Austria.

The video footage is taken from the WBF. for the WBF for the EBF
MUSIC Creative Common, by Inaki – Phoenix (Original Mix)

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LINEWORK Tutorial Part 2: Teardrops – Face Painting for Fun – Beginners Series

Face Painting for Fun, Episode 5
Beginners Series Part 2 – Teardrops

Hosted By Julie Tattam (from Skincognito Bodypainting)
On behalf of Global Colours Body Art.
Julie Tattam:
Global Colours:

The fifth episode in our new series, Face Painting for Fun! This series will contain step by step tutorials, product reviews, special effects makeup demonstrations, body art tips and tricks, and much more!

All products used are by Global Colours Body Art.
In this episode I used:
Global Colours Face Paints: Strong Black
Global Colours Acrylic Brushes: Round Brush #4

Music Credits:
The songs used on this video are all royalty free creative commons audio, sourced from The specifics are:

Aperture: aperture

Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

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