Would You Get This Piercing!? *Ouch*

We had a client request 2 piercings, dermals, on her collar bone inspired by an influencer she follows on instagram. Other than that piercing we did a tragus with a gorgeous opal stud along with a nose piercing with the real gold crystal stud looking great. 💎Jewelry, Styling, Piercings, Support: http://bit.ly/MoreLulus

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✨👂Crystal Prong: https://lulusbodyjewelry.com/products/titanium-crystal-prong-push-back-1

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Piercer Reacts to CRAZY Piercing Combinations

I found some piercing check Tiktoks that showed off something really awesome piercing combinations so I thought I would share them with you!

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Dermal Piercing, bisa dipasang di mana saja di tubuh, selama…

Dermal piercings juga dikenal sebagai single-point piercings. Itu karena dermal piercing tidak memiliki titik masuk dan keluar yang terpisah untuk perhiasan seperti tindikan lainnya.

Piercer akan membuat satu lubang kecil sehingga “jangkar” dapat dimasukkan ke dalam lapisan tengah dermis kulit lo.

Dermal piercing bisa dipasang di mana saja di tubuh, selama area kulitnya rata, dan kulit harus cukup tebal untuk menahan jangkar pada tempatnya. Tulang pipi adalah tempat favorit orang-orang meletakkannya.

Jika penindikan tidak dilakukan di lingkungan yang steril atau perawatan setelahnya diabaikan, maka bakteri dapat menyebar jauh di dalam dermis sehingga bisa menyebabkan infeksi.


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Indian Piercing Myths Busted |Piercing In India |Body Piercing |Tattoosphere

Hello everyone, I am Gaurav from Tattoosphere back with another video. This video is all about the myths in Indian piercing industry and among the people. I have tried to cover all most all the myths commonly known. So if you are looking for any new piercing, this video may be very helpful to you.
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Body Piercer Reacts to 100 Years of Piercings

I react to Allure’s video showing 100 years of piercings and let you know if they got it right!

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Infinity Body Piercing… get pierced by Mike!

Get pierced by Mike at Infinity Body Piercing
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Song by Mitch Gilmore
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Mitch Gilmore at Revolution Music Film & Photography
Filmed and Produced by Revolution Music Film & Photography

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Dermal Piercing Microdermal – Body Piercing – Proses Cara Tindik


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What Is Dermal & Microdermal Piercing? | Body Piercings

Watch more How to Get a Piercing videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/476367-What-Is-Dermal-and-Microdermal-Piercing-Body-Piercings

My name’s Dana Dunn. I’ve been working in the piercing business going on 6 years now. I do typically about 3,000 to 4,000 a year. I work at Pins and Needles Tattoo. We have a website pinsandneedlesportland.com. Piercing is my life and I’m going to talk to you about body piercing. Dermal piercings and microdermal piercings are new, really, really big things in the piercing industry. It’s really taken off in the past year. Guys, actually it’s completely different than a regular piercing. It’s actually considered an implant. There are 2 ways to do microdermals; you can either do with a needle or you could do, what’s called a dermal punch, which is basically a rounded-off needle that’s sharp on all the edges. And the skin is pinched up and the needle or the dermal, the dermal punch is inserted into the skin. A smaller fragment of skin is taken out and the dermal anchor itself is inserted under the skin and twisted to lock in. And the way the base of the anchor is, it has holes at the bottom of it. Your skin is through the holes and locks it down in place. The big thing with these are, the healing time is really, really quick; they don’t really turn red, they really don’t swell up too much and they can be put pretty much anywhere on the body that consists of a flat surface; the cheeks, you can put them on your collar-bone, you can put them on your hips. Your chance of rejection on a dermal is very, very unlikely. That’s why a lot of people are getting these instead of the surface piercings because they do tend to stay in a lot longer but also removal of a dermal anchor isn’t the easiest process. You can massage it out, which consists of working the dermal so that it comes through the skin or in some cases depending on how long you have them in, they need to be surgically removed, which consists of an incision in the back of The tops bit aloud that people like, they can be changed. They have everything from jewels, you know- plain medals, the danglers. So if you’re having it on your sternum, you can actually have a look at some sort of a necklace. They have all different sizes and everything and they’re just coming with up more and more things every day, when it comes to these dermal anchors because again, this is the new big thing for the piercing industry.Words that seemed unclear have been marked as.

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Can You Re-Pierce A Rejected Piercing? Is It SAFE? | Ep. 361

Can you re-pierce a piercing that has already been rejected? Is it safe?In todays video we find out if we can repiece a rejected face dermal.

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