Dragon Ball: Chi Chi Body Paint Cosplay Tutorial (NoBlandMakeup)

Yes! Two videos in a row! I’m on a roll :D. And this time, I’m slowly fullfilling my promise to do more Dragon ball cosplay starting with this Chi Chi tutorial.

So clearly if you want a Chi Chi cosplay tutorial, you know who she is. But just incase someone stumbled upon this video randomly, Chi chi is one of the longest standing Dragon ball characters. She’s been there for a while, to say the least. Also Chi Chi’s one of the few female characters in the Dragon Ball series, so if this is is a sausage fest ofr a while, that will explain alot.

I do want to give you guys some tips for how to do this body paint cosplay. Usually I say these tips throughout the video, but just in case, please make sure to have a reference photo. She is a character from a well loved series. You will be roasted for getting her wrong. Also make sure your water to paint ratio is correct or you will have drips that are very annoying to fix.

So who else should I do from the Dragon Ball series? Let me know in the comments, and for more Dragon Ball cosplay tutorials, click here:

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