Bodypaint festival American girl on the streets of the city Body Painting 2

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MOEDER EN ZOON ZETTEN TATTOOS BIJ ELKAAR | Just Tattoo of Us Benelux – Highlights

Just Tattoo of Us Benelux is de meest extreme relatietest! Bro’s, besties, familieleden en koppels geven elkaar de meest vreselijke, shockerende, soms lieve maar meestal bizarre tattoos. Maar, die krijgen ze pas te zien als de inkt is opgedroogd… In de Highlights zie je elke woensdag alle shockerende tattoos en heftige reacties uit de afgelopen aflevering terug. Met in deze aflevering: zussen Chloe & Sophie en moeder Sita & zoon Sven.

Just Tattoo of Us Benelux zie je elke zondag om 21:30 op MTV.

Afleveringen gratis terugkijken?

Abonneer je op ons kanaal!

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Basic Butterfly Face Painting Tutorial


In this face painting tutorial I show you how to create a very fast Butterfly design.
Please give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!

Have you seen my Monster tutorial? –


Grimas –
Diamond FX –…
Mama Clown Glitter –
Loew Cornell Brushes (Gold Grip) –


Other Channel:


If you have any requests or ideas for future videos please leave me a comment.

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Bodypainting Basics Workshop London with WB Academy

For bookings:

1ST WEEKEND: 11/12 APRIL 2015

This Workshop is geared to beginners that want to get into bodypainting and people who want to intensify and refine their basic skills with in depth knowledge and take it to an intermediate Level.

Day 1: 11th April 2015

The basic theory behind bodypainting
First things first, Model Care/ Wear
Directing your Model
basic Do´s and Don´ts in bodypainting
Basic health & safety in bodypainting
Bodypaints, types, brands, uses
Different brushes, their purposes, use and care
Cosmetic adhesives, types, brands, uses
What should be in your kit, always
Demonstration bodypainting
Review, Q&A
To bring:

Bring your basic brush kit and basic bodypainting colours if possible
Give us a shout if you need some in case
group london

Day 2: 12th April 2015

Review of day one, hands on bodypainting

Contact lenses, tips and tricks
Base coats, different techniques
Brush work, Lines and Blends
Double loaded brush and split cakes
Basic cuts, wounds and boils
Metallic paints and airbrush-like effects
Introduction airbrush
Basic Lines, Stencils and texturing.
Review, Q&A
To bring:

1 Model per 2 students will work fine
Bring your basic brush kit and basic bodypainting colours if possible
Costs: £ 499 / ~ € 639 including material, snacks and refreshments, certificate from the WBA, the “World Bodypainting Association”

If you have questions or problems with booking, or you want to pay only 50% in advance, please send us an email to office(a)

Powered by Diamond FX

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European Bodypainting Festival, Lisse/Amsterdam NETHERLANDS

From the 13th to the 14th of August 2016 the European Bodypainting Festival sponsored by MAKE UP FOR EVER is taking place in front of the magical Castle Keukenhof in Lisse near Amsterdam.

Imagine a beautiful castle in the center of an enchanted park, surrounded by florals and trees creating romantic pathways bursting with a magical atmosphere of color.

The EBF is the partner event of the World Bodypainting Festival, that takes place since 1998 in Austria.

The video footage is taken from the WBF. for the WBF for the EBF
MUSIC Creative Common, by Inaki – Phoenix (Original Mix)

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Judging @ the World Bodypainting Festival

The world’s most colourful event with the World Championships.
This is the judging clip with the jury members 2013.

WBF est. 1998

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“Obvious” – Angela Reign music video, bodypainting by Cheryl Ann Lipstreu live at the #wbfestival

Official Music Video for Angela Reign’s Obvious
– Performed by Angela Reign
– Music Recording and Production by Trammel Starks
– Video Directed and Photographed by Mil Cannon with Momentus
– Video Producer Andre Riedlinger with Momentus
– Video Production by Jason Fowler with Momentus
– Music written by Sam Mizell and Becca Mizell
– Artistry and Body Painting by Cheryl Ann Lipstreu / WB-Production
– Hair and Makeup by Steve Hightower
– Artist Management by Mike Waller

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WBF2018 Blog – Part 4 – Competition Time!

It’s the last day of the festival, and there’s a buzz in the air as the artists desperately compete for the coveted top prize in their category. Come with David and meet lots of artists, get their insider views and some tips on how to stand out with your bodypainting designs.

Equipment used:
Sony A7iii camera
Sony-Zeiss 50mm f1.4 lens
Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM lens
Sony 24-240 lens
Sony FDR-X3000 action camera
Rode Videomic Pro Plus

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World Body painting festival – Seeboden 2009

Body painting by Elena Tagliapietra – Italy 17 july 2009 at the World body painting festival in Seeboden
Poetry in comics , interpreting “Corto Maltese” by Hugo Pratt

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