Using Projection Painting in Bodypaint in Cinema 4D.

In this Tutorial I will show you how to use Projection painting and the associated buttons. I will show you how to use images with projection painting and cover up seems on your model with projection painting.

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Drawing, Coloring and Painting Lightning McQueen Cars Pictures Body Paint For Kids

Drawing Pictures, Painting and coloring the outline pictures and creative art is favorite indoor activities for kids . Children love this activity to do it with out any age limit at home. Coloring arts develop kids ability to learn and understand new things in a creative way.
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SIPS Body Paint Shoot 2009

The 2009 Sips Students Shoots Three Body Paint Models @ Coetzenburg Stellenbosch. Elements Earth Water and Fire were used as the shoot concept.

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Bodypainting DOOR ART – ein Kunstprojekt von Jörg Düsterwald

(enthält #Werbung) Ein Film über das Bodypainting-Fotokunst-Projekt DOOR ART vom Künstler Jörg #Düsterwald.
Bei dem Kunstprojekt werden Aktmodelle durch Farbe und die Positionen detailliert und genau in die jeweiligen Umgebungen so integriert, dass die nackten Körper fast versteckt sind.

Viele #Bilder zu diesen künstlerischen Arbeiten sind auf der Website zu sehen

(with #marketing)

Bodypainting photoart “DOOR ART” – a special project from the german artist Jörg Düsterwald.
In this art project nude models are detailed in color and position and precisely integrated into the respective surroundings so that the naked bodies are almost hidden.

Many pictures of these artistic works are on the website

photographer: T. Skupin
(clip-music: YouTube – EASY DAY (Kevin MacLoad))

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Amazing tattoo and body painting | Chanchal manchal

Amazing tattoo and painting ki body or dezain Kara sikhe

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