Creepy Clown Halloween Tutorial – No Body/Face Paint | SaloniMaathur

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Hey guys !
Here is my first ever halloween tutorial. I hope yu people like it, please show some love by liking my video and if yu are new to my channel then please subscribe =)

i love yu guys sooooooo much !

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HDfashion.TV at the World Bodypainting Festival – Day 1

This year we welcomed during the main days the fashion channel at the World Bodypainting Festival 2018 in Klagenfurt/AUSTRIA.
This is a review of the first main day.

#wbfestival2018 #worldbodypainting #klagenfurt #austria
Video provided by

World Bodypainting Festival – celebrating visual culture & music

A WB-Production event

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Unicorn Face Painting Tutorial

Unicorn requests continue to be in the top five choices year after year. As a face painter one of the best ways I have found to keep them fresh- is to let them change! Eye style, and Hair style are two of the easiest ways to do that! In this video see how a little extra time and attention to those two details can take this pony from Wow to Wowza! I will often end my design with special instructions to the kid to take care of her, or choose a special name. If you have any questions ask them below in the comments. For longer classes please check out my skillshare classes

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HUMAN BRAID bodypainting illusion

In my language ,Kika means braid

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Edit by Stojan Mihajlov…

Photo by Tamara Gavrilovic…
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UNROLL ME – Bodypainting illusion

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Trailer World Bodypainting Festival 2019

The World Bodypainting Festival 2019
Celebrating Visual Culture & Music

7 – 13 July 2019 in Klagenfurt / AUSTRIA

The World Bodypainting Festival the world’s most colourful event with the World Championships, shows, music, fashion, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, photo areas and much more.

Since 1998 we have created the first and largest bodypainting event in the world. In this time the WBF founded the modern bodypainting art movement and is a HOME for artists from all around the world.

Main Award Sponsor: Kryolan
Co Award Sponsors: Snazaroo | Kodi professional | ColorMake | Asia Colors | Pro Makeup Stage | Purple Brush Allure

All details:
#wbfestival2019 #worldbodypaintingfestival

A WB-Production Event

Video Cut by WB-Production Partner Mediapool Austria

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Music credits:
Impending Boom Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Judging @ the World Bodypainting Festival

The world’s most colourful event with the World Championships.
This is the judging clip with the jury members 2013.

WBF est. 1998

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10 Amazing Bodypainting Artists | Timelapse Tutorials

Here are ten of our favorite bodypainting artists! Thanks to everyone who submitted videos. These amazing timelapse tutorials include DIY art, illusions, Halloween inspiration and more…

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