DIY: How to mix car paint step by step! (beginners guide)

sharing the little bit of knowledge i have when it comes to the materials needed to paint any car on a budget!


Once again thank you guys so much for watching the love and support!

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Body Painting – Learn to paint an Unicorn

Paint a unicorn with a single horn! This technique will surely make you look as dainty and simply fantastic! You’re free to go running like one!

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Face Painting Classes and Convention

Anna is teaching Face Painting at the 2010 Living Canvas Convention. Visit Anna’s Blog at: for more information.
Visit Anna’s Face Paints Store at:

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Body Piercing Kit from + Supplies + Sterile Body Jewelry

Wholesale body piercing kits for professionals or get a do it yourself home body piercing kit that include sterile body jewelry and everything you need to pierce any part of the body. See us at

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