Dolphin and Sunset Body Art Tutorial

Here is another body art tutorial! I hope you like them! For more info on the body paints I am using, click the link!

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Jumping Horse Body Art Tutorial (REQUEST)

If you would like to add more detail to the horse, here are the steps to follow~
1. Paint the shape of the horse with the color you would like him to be instead of black.
2. With a lighter and darker shade, add the first layer of shading.
3. With the colors from the last step, define the hair of the mane and tail.
4. Darken the tip of the nose and hooves, along with the inside of the ears.
5. With black, add the eye and nostril.
6. Finish with final details and a reflection in his eye.
I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Please share you recreations with me on facebook and twitter, I always love the see them!!!!
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Team Tattoos That (Obviously) Didn’t Go Well | Ink Master

Whenever there’s a team challenge on Ink Master, the artists are stressed. And, turns out, for good reason. Here are some team tattoos that, uh, didn’t really work out.

#InkMaster #ParamountNetwork

Welcome to the official Ink Master YouTube channel. New videos every week!

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How to paint a dragon: Face Painting Tutorial

Learn how to paint a fun dragon eye design that is perfect for boys and girls. This face painting tutorial will teach you the basic shape of a dragon that you can use as a base for creating your own face paint design which can easily be converted into a unicorn. You’ll also learn some techniques that animators use to create characters. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel for more techniques and face painting tutorials!

Also, check out my other video for how to paint a “Calla Lily”

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Products used:
#1 Round – Loew-Cornell
#4 Round – Loew-Cornell
#6 Flat Flora – The Face Painting Shop

Yellow and Green Paints -Global Colours Body Art
White and Black Paints – Diamond FX
Red Paint and Sponge – TAG
Scales Stencil – BAM
Dauber – Jest Paint
Practice Boards – Sally Ann Lynch

Enjoy face painting tutorials each week.


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#1 Learn to Face Paint Goal Book

I’m Madam Eileen a CBA certified Balloon Artist and Face Painter. Comment below: Was this helpful? Did you try it?

Set a Goal to learn face painting by:
*Choose a daily Time
*How many minutes you will practice
*What music or ambiance you want to paint by.
*What you will paint. (line choices: short, long, thin to fat, fat to thin, tiger stripes, curved, swirl, tribal)

Keep a Record of your progress:
Get a blank page drawing book.
Date the top and practice your strokes once a week/month.
Look back and see your progress.

Painting on paper is different than painting on a practice board or skin.
It uses more water than paint. So make sure your brush has very wet paint on it when you paint in your book.

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My LIFE DREAM came TRUE | Madeyewlook Body Paint RELEASE!


I cannot express to you how much this means to me. When you think about things in life that you really truly want, whether it’s to get your dream job, own a fancy car, own a fancy house, this is mine. Owning a body paint line IS one of my life dreams. I have been working non-stop (literally from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep) preparing everything. My mom, gram, and I put all of the labels on the paints, put all of the paints in their boxes, and are now packaging them as orders come in to find their new home in the hands of a loving artist, or just someone who wants to show their support. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this. Thank you SO SO MUCH.

Shout out to my Ma and Gram for everything they have done, whether it be supporting me throughout all of my madness and my life, right down to staying up late to help me film this video and packing orders by my side as they come in. I could not have accomplished this without my family.

There will be a video in the very near future explaining all questions that everyone has, but here are some quick answers for questions I have been getting already!!

• Water Activated
• Fragrance Free
• Cruelty Free
• Made in the USA
• 5 colors to begin, 3 more being added soon
• International shipping
• All questions will be answered in an upcoming video, but feel free to ask if not already answered (I will try to answer all legit questions, but there are a lot, so please do not ask if you don’t have a serious question right now)
• $14 per body paint OR an entire essentials set for $65
• International shipping prices are (NOT) made by us, they are made by USPS. I wish I could lower them, but I physically cannot.
• Ingredient list available on the website under FAQ and there is a link on each paint
• Suggested Brushes are the foundation brushes (both work, you mainly see me using the flat foundation brush)
• I have had my own set of paints for a bit now, and have been using them in videos (I’ve been sneaky putting it in the description)
• If you are unable to get paints, if you could PLEASE share my promo video. Sharing is free, REALLY HELPS!!

Music Provided by: Dan Henig
Song: Danger Snow
Find this song on: YouTube Audio Library

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My Tattoos And Piercings 2019

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My hoops –
Tragus piercing –
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Q- What camera do you use to record your videos?
A- Canon 700D with a Sigma 18-33 lens

Q-What do you use to edit your videos?
A- Final cut pro

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Sometimes I am lucky enough to be sent products/samples from PR companies, affiliate links may be used for shopping links.

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